Now, for the first time, one can enjoy furniture incorporating art, function and spirituality. The “Jeweled Furniture Collection” is designed utilizing semi-precious stones that emanate specific energies. Design and spirituality have joined forces for the purpose of regenerating and stimulating one’s spirit, while simultaneously beautifying one’s environment.
Each piece of this collection is an individual work of art. All pieces are handcrafted and specifically produced for those with the most discriminating taste.   A signed certificate of authenticity and explanation of the power of each stone used in the design accompanies each creation.
Terrence Tullgren, internationally acclaimed designer, is unique in his ability to develop this new line of jeweled furniture. While living in Brazil in the 1970’s, he became enthralled with semi-precious stones, acquired a detailed knowledge of their properties and ultimately became a gem dealer. Upon his return to the United States, Mr. Tullgren continued his career in design: manufacturing and designing jewelry with Richard Simmons, set designs, clothes and interiors. Now, blending all his unique talents and experiences, Tullgren has created a new dimension in beautiful furniture with metaphysical power.
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